Cycles nodes missing?

(Safetyman) #1

Using 2.79b – What do I have to turn on/enable in order to see the cycles nodes “Displacement” and “Vector Displacement”? The Blender manual doesn’t mention what features I have to enable to use those nodes and I’m sure I’m overlooking something. Are they not present in the official release yet?

(Secrop) #2

Nope… only in the nightly builts.

(RickyBlender) #3

is this some new cycle nodes ?
there is a Displa setting for texture panel!

happy cl

(warnotte) #4

Ricky: No i think it’s the same node as before. The node “Material Output” but instead of having a “gray” input (floating value), it’s now “blue” like vector value and displacement work in 3D instead.

(animani) #5

Is that planned to be added to the official version? I was looking for it too.

(warnotte) #6

It looks like if it’s on nightly build I assume it will be, yes.

(animani) #7

Thanks, mate.