Cycles Noise problem - 8000 samples

Yes, it is very hard to compare render engines.
@storm_sd, I meant mostly no firefly reduction in octane (Max Depth = 4).
@Jakerlund, very nice renders, yafaray is always a good choice for archviz and interior rendering.
@jachtarfranko, hm, was switched off in my renders, should try by myself.

Cheers, mib.

I did test render with AO and without AO.
I have bought octane. PCM and pathtracing there is very slow for me (noisy). I rendered there only in directlight AO, with this I was satisfied. I am not willing to wait several hours.
Now, octane results with AO and cycles with AO are very similar for me.

jachtarfranko, you have to put a portal mesh in the window in octane. The mesh should close the window and the normal direction must point in the room. Portal is a material setting, also try to reduce Max Depth in pathtracing.
What GPU do you use?

The cycles render looks good with AO. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.

mib2berlin, AO is fake, but I don’t care about it, I like results compare to times.
Yes, portal in octane helps a little, but render time 3 hours or 4 hours is the same for me. My GPU is GTX460, I am thinking of buying GTX 680 :slight_smile: .
I have decided to use only cycles, exports and no interactivity and slow development in octane is annoying me. I believe in Cycles :).

Heh, I have that Kate Bush album.

Cycles will become faster by the end of summer because the mango team have to render interior scenes for their animation too and it must be fast for that !

the lightpath node setup to reduce noise is intended to be applied to every material which has a glossy component, not only the floor.

as storm_st said, the two renders (cycles and octane) are lit in different ways, how can we compare?

I really hope so reC, plus there is a lack of basic features such as SSS, displacement, thin SSS, anisotropic shaders…they are a must have for a good engine. Arion is a good reference for example

Btw, what kind of Blender build should I install to get AO?

Any of the latest builds from will work, AO was added like a week or two ago… :smiley:

Thanks Farmfield, i’ll give it a try