Cycles normal map alternative tests :)

I ended up doing more tests
I tested moving lights and i noted the volume of normal.
The result is quite similar to the native rendering.
In the first post mutiresolution was 0 causing triangulated the artifacts, but for an increasing to 1 this problem is solved.
mutiresolution was 0triangulated the artifacts:

mutiresolution was 1 no triangulated the artifacts:

Another thing I noticed is that you can configure the effect, rotating the sphere of normal node.

This may be an alternative, because the rendering is much faster.
Cycles normalmap Do not know if this is the right way.
Just know that he gave a good result :slight_smile:


Liked the work… perfect
is a test or work?

Sculpting is great!
Have you checked the areas on seams? Are they visible?
I suppose you already started testing the new blender builds with bumps per BSDF.
I forgot to ask, are these nor maps tangent or world space?

Real normal map support in cycles is here.

Here an old project of mine, venus at 10k + n_maps in cycles.