Cycles normal map artifact?

This is a part of a model that I’ve got a normal map for and that I want to render in cycles. The model is about 4000 faces. I don’t have a huge problem with the right side of the model, you’ll never look at the model this zoomed in anyway. But on the left side there is a hard edge to the shadow, I guess this is a normal map artifact since the model looks quite smooth without the normal map. But the uv map is mirrored, so the left side is identical to the right side. So I don’t know why the artifacts appear on one side and not the other, anyone have any ideas what’s going on at the left side? There is a lamp hitting the right side if you can’t tell, but yeah.


Is it a tangent-space normal map?

Yes blue/purple-isk normal map. Baked in zbrush, looking closer at it it seems to have some artifacts. Usually people clean these out by hand in photoshop right? Am I suppose to bake out an “adaptive” map instead. Maybe it will get a cleaner result with less artifacts.


1, I can’t see the relevant part in the picture you posted, you should post at least your whole normal map and your material setup.
2, I don’t know Zbrush but in Blender usually I can bake sg like this without having to manually clean up anything.