Cycles Normal Map baking black

Hey there,

I’m trying to bake normal maps in cycles from 2 objects. A plane and bricks. I have the plane UVed and they both have image nodes in the node tree. A new texture is in the UV editor.

I have active to selected checked and I pick the tiles then the plane. I’m getting nothing but black.

Any ideas? Thanks.

How about posting the blend file? This could be due to lots of tings.

Hi, sorry to not get back with you. I got rather inundated for awhile :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried to bake since. I might be buying that cycles baking add on soon. It just looks so much easier. In fact they should trunk it.

Well, my experience is that baking with cycles isn’t all that diffficult, so it’s probably just a normals or lighting thing, or having no materials assined or something. Anyway, hope it works out with the add-on.