Cycles normal mapping - inconsistent tangent at UV seam

So I sculpted some boots and then baked the normals of that to a lower poly base mesh using tangent space. When using this normal map in cycles (set to tangent space) there seems to be a sudden break or change in direction at the UV seams. Looking at the normal map on the model in texture shaded mode, you can see the sudden change in colour at the UV seams.

This feels like some easy noob mistake that can be fixed easily - can anyone help?

Does it work for you in the standard renderer (not cycles)? Does it also work in 3D viewport (when not using cycles)?

Yep, works fine in GLSL (and I assume in Blender Internal renderer too)

HA! Problem solved! Just had to set the image to Non-Color Data. Makes perfect sense now :slight_smile:

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