cycles normalmap baking strange results

This is the result i get when i try to bake a normalmap in cycles.

what did i mess up. i know its something banal but I’ve been going trough settings and just cant figure it out,

I create a texture, its not conected to a material output node, i first select high res than low res model, tangent space, selected to active, what am i missing??

please help
thank you

adding ray distance helps, it gets rid off those green yellowish spots but the noralmap is still strange when applied

it is because of ray distance! try adding values little by little and you will be able to resolve the problem!

Ray distance is the problem for the errors in the normal map with the green and yellow areas, which will have to be adjusted. Make sure you are feeding your texture map into the normal map node with your texture node set to use non-color data. You are seeing clipping. Normal maps are higher bit depth images. Best rule, anything that is not contributing to color, set the node to use non-color data.