cycles not rendering...

Hello, I put this question in the cycles lighting/rendering section and was told here would probably be a better place to ask the question, so here goes:

I’ve run into an issue with cycles 2.62 which I’m trying to work out what to do, but can’t :eek:

as a “viewport rendered” view, my viewport renders fine, as normal… But the minute I try and do an image render (500 passes…), I get a black view which doesn’t render which looks as follows:

This appears whether I’m using GPU or CPU, and after a computer restart and blender reinstall (yes, I try to be thorough before asking questions :D)
any tips/hints as to what may be causing this?


Can you show the scene and maybe you forgot about light or somethink is hiding it? or maybe one of the setups of camera?

I doubt it’s a lighting issue as it works fine when viewport rendering is going at it…

as for the camera setup- I don’t know exactly what you might need to be able to work out what could be wrong… or did you mean there may be something with the integrator settings?

in “post processing” I had “sequencer” checked, and since unchecking this it seems to work properly! thanks anyway!


I know that this is necro but I just made an account to thank you from 2020 @christaylor
Ight, I’m out.

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Almost 9 years on someone stumbling into the same issue I can’t remember asking about :joy: great if it helped you out! :blush:

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I’ve just done exactly the same! Thanks @christaylor! It’s been driving me crackers!

Thanks @christaylor just helped me too!