cycles not updating node-setup change?

I have a hard time working with Image Texture node setup in blender with Cycles Render Engine.
I have set up 2 Image Textures both with an alpha png. I connect image setup one to the material output and the image gets correctly displayed in preview mapped on my mesh. Then I change to the material output to the seconde image texture setup, and lo and behold! The preview and F12 still render Image 1, although it is definitely not connected?

I have recognized before that somtimes the preview/F12 is not showing up correctly, but I thought I had done the node setup wrong, but suddenly the exact same setup works.

Is there any kind of caching build into cycles? How can I clear that cache?

I am quite a novice with cycles and maybe I just do something wrong? I am using Blender 2.68

Any help highly appreciated!


Are you in Object mode ? The preview won’t update if you are in Edit mode

Actually it was the Fac input that was still set to the other image. With an alpha map the fac cuts a “hole” in the shape of the related picture, so what I saw was this “hole” of the first picture although the image of the second was attached. Silly me :slight_smile: