Cycles not working properly, crashing Videodriver and messing up Nvidias powerstates?

For a while now I am having the problem that when rendering with Cycles my powerstates get “stuck”.

Blender2.62/2.63 x64 Blender official
GeForce WHQL 296.10 / GeForce 301.xx

In either of this combinations after a few Renders (f12) of if the viewport is turned to render the card doesnt change powerstates properly anymore.

My Powerstats are 50MHz, 405MHz and 750MHz. Usually it’s stuck in 50MHz, sometimes in 405MHz and never in 750MHz. The card also never clocks back up, I got to reboot the whole computer, after that it works again.

Anyone observed something similar? Or not yet aware of it because he’s not monitoring his VRAM/GPU/vClock…

This exclusively occurs when running Blender for what I can tell so far. Games or other apps haven’t caused this yet.

After wiping CUDA SDK 3.2 and 4.1 along with all Nvidia Drivers and re-installing 296.10 WHQL it seems to work properly again.
All the installing and compiling seems to have messed up the driver somehow.

So it was me :slight_smile: