Cycles object motion blur renders object invisible

Hey guys, been a while since I posted here. I’ve got a bit of an issue here though.

I’m trying out cycles object motion blur, but whenever I set the shutter speed below 2.0, the moving object is invisible in the render. MOST of the time. Very rarely it’ll actually render, but more often than not, it’s just gone. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it’ll appear. I’ve rendered with gpu, cpu, experimental, and supported, but I never get it to consistently show up. Any shutter speed after 2.0 works just fine, but I don’t want it that blurry. I’m using the 2.71 official release.

Works ok here from 0 to >100 in a basic scene . Supply example blend file for others to look at

Ahhhhhhhhh ok, I think I figured it out. I was using it on a rigid body simulation, and apparently that tends to throw off the motion blur calculations. Once I baked the motion to keyframes, everything seemed to work as it should. awesome sauce. Note to future peoples: cycles doesn’t like motion blurring un-baked rigid bodies.