Cycles Ocean Material issue

Hi there folks!

I’m getting some problems with this ocean material in cycles and I think you might help ;). Actually is a common problem for me with this material.

As you can see in the image above there are some unwanted dark areas. I thought it was a problem with glossy auto reflection or something else related to the bounces but I’ve set general, glossy and transmission bounces to 512 and it doesn’t disappears at all. Even the image is not going better…

I’ve checked out the render without the normal map and the result is almost the same:

Some data for you geniuses :wink:

  • The sea is a subdivided plane distorted by an Ocean Modifier.
  • The material setup is a glossy shader and a refraction shader mixed up with a fresnel input.
  • The dark areas shows up either with glossy or refraction only active.
  • The scene is lighted with a single color environment and a sun lamp.
  • I’ve also checked out if a change in the lightning may cause any improvement. It doesn’t.

I hope you can help, I’m running out of time with this project and I really need to sleep.

Thanks in advance!!

What colour is the world background?

Hi jandress thanks for replying (I felt alone). The color is blue with 5.0 strength. So it’s not reflecting it, if that was your idea. Also, there is an environment texture visible only through the camera and the reflections.

Are you able to post the blend file?

What do you get if you change the world bg to white?

With the environment as plain white color I have the same issue:

Here you have the ocean

I’ve deleted a few buoys models 'cause I cannot share them. The same for the environment texture or the normals. But the problem appears without any of them.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile: