Cycles on Geforce GTX 570 failing with recent drivers

I’m trying to render in Cycles, latest Blender version (2.77a), with a Geforce GTX 570 card. The rendering starts normally, the first one or two tiles appearing, but then it stops with the message
CUDA error: Out of memory in cuMemAlloc (device-pointer, size)
In older Blender versions 2.76a and b the rendering crashes or freezes the computer entirely.
The problem only seems to happen with the latest versions of the graphics driver; driver versions 359.06 and earlier complete the scene without trouble.
I really want to solve this so I can keep my pc up to date and not be stuck with increasingly obsolete drivers (the current driver is 368.81). I’d be grateful for any ideas.

System details:
Windows 10 Home
Intel i-3 2100 CPU @ 3.10 GHz, 3100 MHz, 2 cores
8 Gb Ram
Geforce GTX 570, standard memory config 1280

The GTX 570 only has 1.28 GB of VRAM - I’d say that 2 GB are very much the bare minimum these days. Not only does the scene have to fit into that memory, but also the CUDA kernel. And that grows larger and larger with every feature added to Cycles’ repertoire…

That’s why you e. g. might want to avoid using the “experimental” feature set, as that kernel is even larger. “Progressive Refine” is another memory hog - tiled rendering will use much less VRAM.

Could you try blender from Buildbot?
A lot of changes have occurred, including optimizing use of vRAM:

Although it sounds strange what you say about the driver.

Thanks for that, my '970 was crapping out frequently at first i accused the driver, but rolling that back didn’t help.
The 14th August build works fine…

…so far :slight_smile:

Hi and much thanks! Your advice worked - the latest build renders fine with the up-to-date driver.

I’ll consider upgrading to a larger-memory card when circumstances allow - as IkariShinji says, I’m probably pushing against Cycles’ limits with my existing one.

Thanks again, and sorry to be so slow replying.