Cycles operations time before starting rendering

Hi guys, someone of you knows what Cycles does before starting the “Initialize…” process ? Ok, I have a 5 millions poligon scene on a SSD Sata with texture non pack but in the same folder, but after click F12 I have to wait 35 seconds before the “initialize” process.

When Cycles start rendering really, 1:21 min are already gone.

( Blender 2.82 - Linux MInt 19.3 - Nvidia Driver 435.21 - Zotac RTX 2080 Ti )

Someone knows something about how work cycles step by step or where I can find info? Thanks


If it needs to initialize some structures prior then that is what Cycles has to do to render your scene. It is trying to make sense of the scene so it can be rendered. Check out the render settings tabs and play with numbers to see if you can lower that number or start optimizing your scene.