Cycles + OpneGL GPU + iMac?

is that impossible isn’t it?
on my Macbook Pro “end 2011” blender simply crashes if i try to use “experimental” option,
on my iMac “first version” (can’t remember the release date :stuck_out_tongue: ) it simply doesn’t render at all giving an “outdated” driver version error.

any chance/hint to support a mac user?

if you mean OpenCL, they are working on it, there is a partial/good support only for CUDA, for now the best solution is to use the CPU rendering.

wow, nice roadmap.
even though it sounds to be a long road as well :slight_smile:

ty for the info.
will continue rendering with CPU ^^
also considering that probably iMac i7 old graphic card is not such power :wink:

OpenCL is not only for GPU or videocard, OpenCL is a technology for general computing that makes heavily uses of the parallelism between “computing units”; CUDA, on the other hand, is a proprietary technology from Nvidia that is designed as a particular shader and actually runs only under GPU from Nvidia.

OpenCL is supported also by Intel and by the iCore generation and some older C2Duo CPUs.

With OpenCL you can use every computing device that supports OpenCL, in your case both the GPU and the CPU supports OpenCL, and you can take advantage from both.

ty for this exhaustive reply, the problem i have is that on my iMac it seems there is some drivers issue, as i cannot use the openCL rendering :frowning:

and i was asking if there was something i had to do to “solve” this matter :slight_smile:

There is a minimum requirement for openCL support in cycles. If your graphics card doesn’t meet that you’ll be limited to cpu rendering only.

OpenCL 1.1 is required as minimum, but wait for a final release of cycles before making comparison.

what i am trying to understand is if there is a way to have it working on a “Old” iMac, that’s it :stuck_out_tongue:

is there any chance to understand if the iMac can support that or not?


i don’t get it, what do you want to do?

if you want to test your system

if you want to render something with OpenCL and Cycles you can’t

if you are looking for others OpenCL based rendering system, there is smallLuxGpu that is free.

that’s what i wanted to know
bad news.

btw i find it crazy that an iMac can’t do such things :frowning:

ty anyway

Luxrender offers support for OpenCL and it’s free, the newer 0.9 it’s also on the way with a better support and some new feature, give it a try.

OpenCL is more difficult to handle compared to CUDA, that’s why the software houses prefer CUDA over OpenCL ( right now OpenCL can easily raise the cost of the development ), they are also 2 totally different technology from a certain point of view with different paradigm.

if you go visiting the official website of Luxrender do not confuse Luxrender with SmallLuxGpu ( aka SLG ), they are 2 different renders, but both supports OpenCL.