(cycles + osl) animated planetary clouds texture

After some experimenting and parameter tuning i finally have generated awesome couds from perlin noise.

In short:

  • noise is made 4-dimentional to allow time-shift for animation
  • small clouds made of perlin noise of 4 levels, scale 4, distortion 0.2
  • planetary-large curles made of perlin noise of 2 levels, scale 2, distortion 1.0
  • they are multiplied to make large clouds envelope little clouds
  • equatorial swirl done by rotation of texture coordinate around axis (0,0,1) for 30 * cos(lattitude) ^ 2

Here’s my article of how this is done
It is in russian, but main content is in pictures and OSL snippets.
There is final blender file with all nodes setup.

very cool, thanks :slight_smile: