Cycles pause rendering button

I am trying to find the button that allows you to pause rendering in cycles, I have heard many people talk about it so I think it exists and I even think I found it at one point but I lost it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Look on the 3d view header in Rendered view mode


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Okay thanks, I must have been wrong you see I was looking for one where you can pause the actual render as in once you hit F12. But I guess there isn’t one, thanks for the help.

in which version do you see button?

i got 917 yesterday and dont see it ?


@RickyBlender I got that button too, and I have the official 2.62 release. Strange you don’t have it.

@Elgourdo While rendering in “f12 mode” the stop button is close to the progression render bar, you have to enable the “info” view on top. Maybe you’ve closed it.


the X is not a pause button that will stop it equivalent i think to the ESC button

but i cannot see the equal sign vertical in first pic ?


In the 3dview header, with Cycles enabled AND the Viewport Shading set to Rendered

you mean the auto rendering viewport

i’m on CPU only and i don’t use it
it’s way too heavy on CPU and sluggish!

also takes time to render
may be when we get the Opencl it will be faster


Useful feature. Will be even more useful to have a pause button when rendering in Cycles, not just in view-port.

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Hi there!

I was reading this post now and i think you can do something nice about it: if you are in Linux, open the system monitor of your distro and stop (not kill or terminate) the blender process in the Processes tab, this will stop all the application, maybe wasn’t what you really want but you can stop the render, if you need to do something else with the computer.

Maybe you can do it in Windows too. Ctrl + ALT + DEL and open the task manager, maybe you have the same option. I really don’t know.

on windows i think you can kill a job but not stop it !

but still would like to see a way to pause it even to lower % CPU use by cycles


I found a way to pause a Cycles render on Windows 7!
Just go to the start menu>arrow next to Shut Down>Sleep
A bit of a roundabout/forced way of doing things, but it works.

Oh, and I’d like to know if there are any problems with this. I haven’t found any, and I know it’s usually annoying and hard on the computer for constant rendering.
I also don’t know if this works with Hibernating, I’m too lazy to test it…

her is a bit of a “pause” feature, what you do is you disable ‘override’ in your render properties and then hit ‘esc’ to stop the render and then ‘render’ to start it again, and it will start from where you left off.

I must have clicked this accidentally. Rendering was paused, and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on.