Cycles pencil npr

Here’s another blender test:

This test contains three different intensity layers of pencil shading mixed with two pencil stroke backgrounds. To mix the shading borders I used the pencil stroke background images to displace the masks to create uneven but sharp borders between the shading levels.

The displacement doesn’t have proper stroke direction information and thus could be improved if such texture can be created.

Blend file:


Nice - looks great

Looking good, Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

That’s awesome!


Feel free to download and experiment with the blend scene as importing models to it shouldn’t be too complicated.

The sorry that the node setup is bit messy currently but it’s work in progress as I intended to get also some color output.

But it turned out that blending colors with wax color pencils is bit trickier than separating R, G and B and mixing them back. Mixing color pencils on a paper darkens the result and it’s preferable to use a palette of pencils instead.

For faking this I’d need to look up if i can separate render output to number of fixed individual colors instead of just R, G and B.

Very cool, now I do some tests to see the result, thanks :wink:

That’s a nice little scene to play around with.

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Here is the Greybeard model from Skyrim.

Here is a more complicated model, over 50Mb import, of the Serenity spaceship.

Wow Atom…

Those images have really good concept art / doodle feel to them even though the 3d perspective is bit too perfect for a sketch. It’s nice to see that this approach has potential to create quite unique looking renderings.

I admit that the usability could be a lot better as the pencil style separating colorramp is currently quite finicky and takes some time to fiddle around but you did really nice job there!

I know this was a while ago, but is the Blend file still available anywhere? I’m curious about the intensity layering described. Thanks!

Hi there!

Would you mind sharing the blend file for this again? I’m a new member who’s exploring NPR Shading