Cycles plane intersections transparent


I’m trying to figure out what’s happening in this scene that’s causing the edges of intersecting planes (ground and walls) to render as transparent. Is it something I’m doing wrong or is it perhaps a bug?

Picture 1 is the original floor and wall. For picture 1a I tried to work around the issue by adding some blocks along the bottom of the wall but you can see the transparency just moved upwards. It also affects the edges of some of the blocks.

Thanks in advance,

Nice image.
It’s really depressing you have such problems. Have gotten any further?

Does it also happen if you render without materials? Only vaguely similar, but I’ve had issues with materials when using curves and curve extend above the 1 point due to interpolation. If no way to fix it, I would subdiv the floor a bit and raise it a little at the problematic areas. It it legal to cover up “mistakes” (caused by you or the renderer itself).

What is the total scale of the scene here?

It’s possible that it might be precision issues (providing that everything is fairly small in terms of Blender units).

Thanks for the replies guys. I will try going to a different render material and see what happens. Also will play around with the scale. I’ll post back what I find.

Scaling it up 10x got rid of the problem. Thanks for the help Ace Dragon and CarlG!