Cycles pre made materials and texture etc.

just do it. Ship with TON of pre assembled textures and materials like the super 2.49 issue, with car paints and Stone procedurals etc etc. JUST DO IT. If nobody likes it they won’t down load it.

I am down, sliders etc like the materials for Blender Internal Render, but sliders in nodes?

people would probably contribute a wide range for free,

maybe a addon with a online browser? (website is like a wiki but node data?)


Pretty please don’t ship blender with a ton of texture data. I download fresh builds regularly, and I wont down load 400mb of textures every single time.

Have you heard of Head over there and pull down what materials you want.

I don’t want a ton of crap placed in my distribution of Blender. That would just increase the download size for something I don’t need.

Whilst I agree with those not wanting a bloated download a good material management system built into blender would be a tremendous addition…

It would be great to be able to create and manage my own library that is instantly accesable in any blender version or new blender file I create…

Appending from other blend files isn’t quite as good…

Of course, an online repo with a stock set of premade shaders is a good thing too… and needn’t bloat the download at all… especially if it’s browsable from within blender with easy access…

Like addons it’d be nice to have the choice of “official” and “community” versions and some sort of quality assurance/rating system for these…

But selfishly my shaders are more valuable in my projects than other peoples so it’d be nice to configure and have easy access to my own set (with my own arbitrary configurable categories, search etc etc)

the same thing is even more important for the sculpt and painting brushes… both incredibly un-wieldy with teh append system we have now…

But these are all well known issues on the backlog for years…

Also whatever system would be good to have a way to manage paths for relative vs absolute mappings, finding missing textures and moving assets from teh library to project subfolders etc etc

… and this shouldn’t be cycles only.

should be open enough and “official” enough that bi can use it and also 3rd party renderers…

justr my thoughts…
actually to be robust it is quite the design challenge.

I heard somewhere that the targets the blender cloud will include something like that. And an asset management system is planned too.

I began working and spent a lot of time on a script with like over 50 pre defined mat for cycles
problem is what do u put in as mat
like simple mat or complicated mat

no one will be happy with one script

and don’t really want to make 3 scripts that is way too much time !

so what is the compromise here ?

happy bl

Why would you need three scripts surely one script will suffice. Why not store the material definitions as an xml file like Blender does for themes.

you know how it goes
it start with one then complaints ect…
end up doing more then one!

sorry but dont’ know anything about this XML thing!

happy bl

It would be nice to utilize the online matlib as a base for a blender cloud library. all the code is there & it just needs some love.
Other than that, you can use mackraken’s matlib for cycles or bi, but not at the same time without having lists of both renderers, I think this works with external renderers also, but don’t quote me on that.
You can check my sig & matlibs bi & cycles on blendswap, It’s easy to file > append materials into your scene or even rename the files & populate mackraken’s matlib.
I too look forward to an asset management system & agree that Blender should have some ‘external’ (blender cloud) asset download system, where users can 'get some goodies to get them started & or to save time for professionals.

I think the idea is to have some sort of pre defined cycles mat that you can quickly access
directly from the cycles panel!
which would be faster then doing it with external lib or appending or from internet

in other words using a script to get mat and do everything faster
I did one script like that but still wondering what mat it should contains!
might also need to find a way to shrink the size !

happy bl

+RickyBlender You say: “also need to find a way to shrink the size”
You’re right but with Maxwell render, the file is very little and loaded realtime speedy: why not with Blender?

It’s weird but I think about this question too: Mackraken’s matlib is good but not online and don’t make difference between BI and Cycle: must be modified to have multiple filters.

Shadertools NG from Tinangel is very good and Tinangel work on cloud tools to exchange, sell, fill a materials database…

for file size I was thinking that if you want to get different categories with several different materials
I mean for each material right now I need like around 100 lines of codes
and I think there might be a way to lower the qty of coding lines per material

I only have to find a way to simplify the way the mat are done to do that
but still represent a lot of work to optimise the code and minimize the size!

and always interesting to have more then one way to do things!

happy cl

+RickyBlender Ha! Ok, I thought you were talking pictures with materials …

Can not be compiled for rent rather than xml files with Blender?

I suggested a while back an idea for a new node that would help make materials easier to define - in effect it would mean that you can have multiple material definitions within the same material. I called it a “lookup node”.

It would work like this:

The node would allow you to define a list of free text names - and would output various values (e.g. IOR, RGB etc based on the value you selected).

The best practical example I can think of would be for say Gemstones. Imagine being able to set up a node that had a list of “Ruby”, “Diamond”, “Sapphire”, “Emerald” etc - and based on your selection it would output the correct colour, IOR etc that you could then plug into a glass node.

Rather than having separate materials for these gems - you could just have one that holds all of the presets - and you simply make the selection at the point of use.

I guess it could store the values as an XML type format

<MAT Material=“Ruby”>
<MAT> Material=“Diamond”>
<MAT> Material=“Emerald”>