Cycles Preview Blurry Issues | Something about Film or Anti-aliasing?

The image on the left is rendered with F12. The one one the right is the preview panel at the same sample rate. I thought this was an anti-aliasing setting issue or something, and a few other posts have been pointing to the film settings under the render properties tab. That doesn’t seem to be it though. Either way, this seems like an issue I haven’t encountered before. Has anyone else been experiencing similar results? Any idea how to resolve it, or at least what it is?

I feel like this is an issue of having tripped a setting wrong somewhere, or have I just not noticed this before?

Are you sure they are the same amount of samples? It looks to me like that could be the problem.

Also, try comparing with pictures of the same resolution and check the viewport denoiser settings.

I flipped the view-port pixel size to 1x which seems to have fixed it. It was set to automatic, which I either unintentionally tripped somewhere, or more probably comes as default in 2.8. Automatic was giving me results that looked liked 2x, which I’m not used to working with.

And yes they are the same amount of samples.

Also I don’t think I have support for optix de-noising. Aren’t those GTX exclusive right now?

Nice that you solved it!
To be honest I didn’t even know that pixel size could be changed, but perhaps that can come in handy some day. And if not using de-noising it’s at least one thing less that can break :wink: