Cycles: Problem with appearance of transparent .png

Hey there,

below is a .blend and two textures I’m using, trying to recreate in Cycles a texture construction kit I’ve been using in the old-school rendering paradigm.

For the most part it seems to be working out nicely BUT there’s a problem with the appearance (viewport and render) of the material where the black parts of the transparent .png texture aren’t visible against the brighter parts of the color-chart texture.
Does anyone have an idea what could be the issue here?

I haven’t found a set of buttons à la influence/brightness/dvar in Cycles mode yet – something which could very well be the solution to my problem. Then there’s a chance of my nodes being plugged in backwards. I tried sticking the alpha of my .png into the FAC of the mix shader but all it did was reverse its colours.

In the file you can see the dark parts barely sticking out from the dark/grey plane, pretty much the way the ought to, but failing to appear on the blue one, which in turn shows some white elements quite nicely.

Marco :slight_smile:

-EDIT: Bad attachments deleted-

Fenster01 is jpg file… No transparency, no way to test.

Hang on – this could be the elephant in the room. It’s definitely supposed to be a png. Not sure what went wrong here…

Nope that’s not it – I’ve attached a new (packed) file and the fenster image was a png all along (I just foolishly attached the jpg version to my post).

So the problem persists.

Thanks for the heads up though!


mix shader04.blend (1.55 MB)

Show an image of what exactly you are hoping to see

Here’s one possibility but we don’t know if this is the effect you are looking for

… or this?

For now I’m going for a simple overlay – basically whatever is in my .png file is supposed to be visible to the extent of it’s native opacity with no subtraction/mixing etc involved

like so:
(Image from my old Blender Render project)



Thanks man!! Definitely trying out that node setup…