Cycles Procedural Moon

Hi there, I am trying to make a moon material using blender cycles and have encountered a few issues that I can’t seem
to solve.

I have to render over a dozen images of moons with various sizes, colors and composition to use with a sky sphere ; So the moons don’t really need to be geometrically accurate, but just have to like natural, they will only be viewed from a distance.

The first problem I have is with the Voronoi textures that are used to make the craters, they give a very circular and sharp aspect, and don’t blend well together.

I need to find a way to brake them down, and remove the sharpness slightly so they look eroded…

As well, I could do with some general advice as to how one could improve the node setup and render settings…

Download the file here : Blender_Cycles_Procedural_Moon.blend (2.87 MB)

try to add some noise to the vector of voronoi nodes
adjust to not change too much the render !

happy bl

Thanks RickyBlender but I am still a bit of a novice at using cycles ! But I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:
But a blend file demo would be helpful, big time…

can you show full render and indicate then lines you are seeing
trying to figure out which nodes is doing these lines

tried on first one but no luck


Here’s a quick and dirty attempt. Trying not to interfere too much with your existing node setup…

Left: Your file / Right: With my changes

File (ZIP, 690 KB).

Yeah Thanks a lot ! that has really affected the Voronoi texture displacement ! just what I needed :slight_smile:
After I will have to try and tweak that a bit to get it right…

Restarted from scratch, and added some fault lines to the moon ; Some renders using the experimental displacement mode (Both).

well a bit too much for my taste
too many craters for a moon !

but if you like it then be happy don’t worry !

happy bl

Yeah I must admit I got a bit carried away with the displacement strength :D, but that can easily be turned down…

Manged to improve the shadows, and remove those nasty mini black triangles by using 2 subsurf modifiers instead of just using 1, and turned down the displacement strength :wink: ;
Well, I will consider this thread as sorted ; Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

Download the procedural moon here
: Cycles_Procedural_Moon_Final.blend (746 KB)

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Sweet, will definitely be taking a look at that node tree. :slight_smile:

so i took the liberty to use this node in a is a great node but i am a bit confused by it.[IMG] image posting[/IMG] i was wondering what node to adjust for sizing?

you should checkout the micro displacment in the experimental builds if your gonna do moons