Cycles procedural noise textures with animateable noise seed

Hi everyone,

I found a way to create new texture nodes for voronoi, musgrave and noise with a animateable seed value. With that texture nodes it is posible to animate that procedural cycles textures noise stationary. There is an animateable seed value inside my procedural texture nodes. I just wan`t to ask if there is interest in such procedural textures.Would you maybe use that? Are you interested in that nodes? I would like to sell that procedural textures for a little money. What do you think?




I’m interested in anything procedural… post some example, so we guys here can have an idea…

Hi kabu,

I am glad that you are interested.
Here is a picture with an overview of the nodes. I hope this helps.

I am very interested. I am looking for something like this from ages :slight_smile: