Cycles Procedural shaders (update 4)

Metal shader


Procedural shaders. Sand, stone, concrete


Snow, ice, water shaders


Rust metal


Truly an amazing work it immediately caught my eyes and left speechless about how can someone achieve this kind of realism with Procedural shaders.

Nice. Post that rust shader, I need one.

Procedural? no texture files? nice looking
but I have a question, will procedural texture cost more rendering time than pure image file does? How much is the ratio?

I think, that render time the same (but I am not shure). I think the most resource that procedural shader need - it is memory. It is logical. If we have huge node tree - Blender should calculate all nodes path. But the main reason why I use procedural it is quick assign to model for quick visualisation, or for baking quick uv

The stone shader is very interesting. Do you plan on sharing them ?

Yes. I prepare collection of procedural shaders & masks.

I am eagerly waiting for them. :wink:

Procedural materials render considerably faster, and require less memory than image files in my experience. I render 40-50 node procedural material setups, and many of them, and it’s fine, but image textures can often crash my low RAM PC…

Great materials btw :smiley: The rust one reminds me of one I made (and lost)

Thanks all! I will continue my work :slight_smile:

Continue my work on procedural smart shaders. Bronze.
Examples I create wuthout UV - it is simple models.
To create scene with jugful I spent 20 min (modeling & shader setup)


These are really good. Bookmarking this thread. :slight_smile:

When I creating this material, I want to get universal tool for creating different metals


What material on you opinion will be next?