Cycles procedural wood texture suggestions

I’m trying to create a procedural wood texture using Cycles nodes.

Even though I pick the UV coordinates as the input, the UV mapping of my mesh has no effect on the output. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is that just the way it works?
Is there any way to control the direction of the bands generated by the wave texture? Obviously it would look better if they were aligned with my boards.

I’m looking for a “cartoony” wood texture, not something realistic, but something more intresting than a single color. Any suggestions are appreciated.

The way you align the wave texture is by using a Vector Mapping node which plugs in between the UV output from the Texture Coordinates node and the vector input on the wave texture… in this node you will be able to manipulate the UV coordinates system with rotation / scale / translation (dont mess with the clipping part unless you know what you are doing)

You can check these links for taking some ideas:



And this! It has a very clear explanation:


If you want to get a more “cartoony” look I will suggest to set in a round node just after the wave texture. It will make the lines more sharp like it was drawn. And if you want more then one color, then use a mix node with a noise texture to mix some colors before they are sent to the last mix node.

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