(Cycles) Question regarding ray-bounces in volumetrics, Max. Bounces and more

Hello Blenderusers,

I ve got a few questions regarding the volumetric materials in Cycles.

Where does the light ray bounce off in a volumetric material? Does the ray of each sample pierce through the volume with a varying distance per sample?

Can someone please explain the max. Bounces feature in Cycles in his own words? When I set the volume bounces to 1 in the sampling tab then it would never reach the default 1024. Or do the bounces get multiplied by the amount of Samples and are cliped if above 1024?

Another thing that I was never able to find out, is wheter all real volumetrics use both absorbtion and scattering. Are there Materials that only have Volume Scatter or only Volume Absorbtion? Are there materials in the real world which have a different density on the Absorbtion than on the Scattering part? Especially consider dust, fog and water.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards