Cycles Ray Visibility Exclusion per object?

I’m lighting a studio scene with two cars and a reflective floor. Right now, I’m using black cards to flag off unwanted glare or reflections from many of the mesh lights.

I seem to remember some 3d program where the properties of each light could be disabled on a per object basis, like Blender’s Ray Visibility but for each individual light and object. Is it possible in Blender to add an exclusion node to the emitter material to exclude Ray Visibility for only one specific object?

I have a mesh light above car #2, but the glare is hitting car #1. Right now, I’m blocking the glare like in a real life studio with a black card. I’m looking for an option to just add an exclusion node to the mesh light, so it hits everything except car #1. I can’t turn off glossy or reflections on the car #1 material because I want it to reflect it’s own lights and highlights.

I have the three main objects and their lights on separate layers, but I’m not sure if it’s worth masking and doing render passes and composting just to avoid putting up black cards. Is there a third option to handle this type of scene?

Well, you can do this in blender but not with cycles within the same scene. You’re going to have to split up the objects and lights into separate scenes and render-layers then recombine in the compositor. As for the reflections on the floor: you’re going to have to render them in one scene only and the specular glare that you’re trying to omit may still show up on the floor.

Thanks for your explanation, RamboBaby. I was hoping for an alternative to the compositor, but that seems the only option at the moment. I’m making due with the black planes to block reflections for this still image, but I’ll think about the render layer approach next time.