Cycles - reflection texture

Hello. I have a problem. I would like to make something like this in the tutorial but i don’t know how to create the shader in cycles. I know that the color map go to color in diffuse,bump go to displacement but i don’t know how to connect reflection map and obtain the same result like in this tutorial. I try everything but i do something wrong.
Sorry for my english.

use your black and white image as the input to your mix node fac where you plug your glossy shader into

thanks.that work but not that same like in this tutorial. in tutorial he has reflection in windows but we can see all the stuff in the shelf(this stuff we have in color texture). how to do that in cycles ?? :D:)

That is because your reflection map is all white on the windows. All white means value of 1, and that means that if you did as Craig suggested, you’ll get only glossy shader on the windows. You can manipulate values from your reflection map by putting it through color manipulation nodes, for example Hue Saturation Value, and tweaking the settings: it’s a lot easier than adjusting you texture in Gimp to find values that work for you.

Thanks.That works.I put texture to Hue color input and works. Thanks a lot.