Cycles refraction possible?

I was wondering if cycles is capable of creating accurate refractions like this one:
I made a quick attempt but it failed. Now I’m not an expert in cycles so I’m not sure if i made it wrong or if it’s simply not possible.

I am not a 100% sure but to do that without any cheats I think you need a spectral renderer, which models light using real wave lengths, I believe Lux does this, while its physically based I don’t think cycles is a spectral renderer.

Yes, Its possible with luxrender. I just attempted to do something like that day before yesterday and I succeeded. :slight_smile: Regarding cycles as tyrant monkey said I dont think it there is a physically correct soln. to that now.

I remember an old workaround used to create dispersion-like effects on the surface of an object in BI by mixing glass materials of different refractive power in the node editor (one of being red, green, and blue), no caustics though because BI never supported them.

I tried the same approach in Cycles and there does seem to be highly noticeable separation of colors early on, though it seems to work a bit better with the glass closure than the glossy one.

could you maybe post a node setup or a short tutorial?

fake dispersion test