Cycles Render Black with no light

Sigh… One day this rendered okay, next it’s just black. I’m using Cycles Render, the light source is a White texture at the top of the sky sphere… I’ve looked around and some of the advice and tips for fixing this seam to not work or I can’t figure them out, but one of the main ones seam to be ‘post the blend file so we can look’ which is fine, so here it is:

the scene I was trying to go for is a camera giving a first person view of walking through the forest along a path, and it was looking okay (Am not expert) with light going through the gaps in the canopy texture, but then something happened… not sure what… any advice?

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The sky is pink for me, I think theres a site where you can package blend files but I can’t remember what its called

Try so that maybe you can include the image as well.

mm… that’s odd… I don’t think that sky image really matters too much but when I imported the model, it should have had everything included… I’ve re-uploaded the zip file with the blend1 file, which I think is just a back up… I think i’d have to extract the file or find a copy of that texture which is… someplace…

It actually matters quite a lot. It is your only light source. I did notice that in one of the noodles on the light source was disconnected. It is better to add the sky texture to the sky globe and add in an emissive shader to the whole thing. Even better to add a sun, and or an HDRI!

You have built everything in edit mode…Real bad practice! ( I know! I tend to do this myself…get busy building away and then wonder why when I select something…it selects everything!!) Better to add the object in object mode then edit in edit mode…That gets all the objects one at a time with the assigned textures in the outliner, makes things easier to find and edit! You will then to also be able to pinpoint an error or tweak things, far better in the animation!

I’m not that great in Blender :slight_smile: I mostly make stuff in something like Sketchup and just import into blender for tweaks and animation.

I couldn’t remember if I gave the sky bit the texture, or just a differently textured bit right at the top (that should be white)…

Found where I put the texture ^_^, it’s fairly low grade I know but… oh well

not quite sure what HDRI is…

You would add an environment texture in the World…and Connect an HDRI to that…
If you look at Lookdev Mode or in the Shading tab up top…the mirror globes? They are HDRI’s.

Once you get the hang of things…Blender is a lot better to work with than Sketchup…Not as easier but Better!

PS: Wanted to add, this is looking impressive for a new user…You dove right into a complicated scene…A bit of tweaking here and there…slow and /or extend the frames to smooth out some of the jerky areas…tweak the lighting and it will be quite nice!

Look at using an HDRI ( you can grab a bunch of free ones at HDRIHaven. One way to understand them is they add a huge Skydome to your scene with a simple node set-up.

really, it’s not that impressive…

Sketchup does another of really Annoying things… and of course, not really any good for organic models.

just updated Blender to the current version 9… a number of differences I need to get use to and trying to see where some of the bits I need to work on are…

in fact… I seam to have lost where things like the settings for adding an environment texture are… so… this might take a little while but i’m sure to find it :slight_smile: thanks and i’ll get back to you when I figured it out

It is truly a horrible scene to debug, all being a single mesh. I’d go back and re-do it properly in Blender.

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not sure if it’s work the effort right now to remake from scratch but I might see about it… updating blender seams to have been a huge mistake as now some layers which I had set as hidden, claim they aren’t and won’t unhide, animation path is way out compared to the minor bits… this will take a bit to sort out…

Been a little unwell for a few days but got back to this… seam to have the HDRI set up right, following a guide. Rendering gives SOME tiny bit of light but the canopy shouldn’t be that dark… and blender (I upgraded to 2.9) is displaying black on the alpha channels on the textures.

Looking above at what [TheUnrealShowcaser] seamed to get, while I have the texture, that looks like the same pattern with some small holes and a lot black… texture appears to be fine though… on the settings.