Cycles Render Crashes Blender every time

I’m running 32 bit windows with 4GB RAM, but I’m rendering with my GTX 460. Has anyone got any tips to stop cycles from crashing? because I can use the real-time render just perfectly, but the second I try to render a proper image, it just crashes. I haven’t been able to find any good advice out there on the internet.


Does it work to render the default scene (cube) with cycles?

yes it does. It only seems to be with more complex scenes. But the one I am trying to render really is not that complicated at all. Just a guitar in an empty room.

Some time ago I came across the same issue when rendered a complex scene. Different part of the scene lied on different layers (nearly six or so).
When I enabled all layers - cycles crashed, but different combinations of that layers didn’t cause a crash.
The solution was simple - I moved all objects from different layers one by one to another layer and checked if cycles crashed.
The problem, I guess, in some wrong assigned material or so.

Ah now blender doesnt crash anymore! thanks so much. However, now I only get a black screen after rendering. Do you have any suggestions about that?

  1. Do you have any light source in your scene? A standard point lamp is often too dim. If so, increase the strength of the lamp (or emission plane etc.).
  2. Are your current layers selected in Render / Layers / Layers. By default they all are selected. (Be attentive: in that section of settings meaning of “Layers” is different than in previous post).
  3. Check if Internal renderer were not accidentally selected.
  4. Try to use a global light.

Ok it seems to finally be working. I just have to use BVH cache and build the bvh at a low resolution, then I can rerender at a high resolution, and it doesnt seem to crash. However, I do have another problem. When I start the render it gets to the point where it says computing attributes, and then it just crashes. no matter what. It was working perfectly, then I added one more texture and now it crashes everytime. I dont know what to do about it. Any suggestions would be very welcome

anyone got any ideas?