Cycles Render Help

Hi, I’m fairly new to Blender, especially Cycles, and I was wondering if there is a way to render a scene “forever,” as in you actually have to abort the render when you tell it to stop instead of setting samples or whatever. I have to use my CPU because I’m on a laptop with a poor GPU and I know you can set the shader options in the 3D workspace to “rendered” and it will render forever as long as your preview settings are set to 0. When I set the render samples to 0 they automatically change to a minimum value of 1. Is there anyway to render it forever so if I went out or something and came back home to my computer I could stop it manually? I want to know if you can do this so I can render it overnight or something and get the best, clearest image possible. Thanks.


You can set the render samples to 10,000,000, that’s near enough to forever as you’ll most likely need. If you set the ‘Progressive Refine’ option in the Render / Performance panel it won’y use tiles so you can stop the render at any time by pressing Esc or pressing the X button next to the render progress bar at the top of the blender window. You can then save the render using the Image / Save as Image menu (or F3) in the render window