cycles render interface

Hello Blender heads.

Im on 2.65 latest release,so Im seeing andrew price a blender guru rendering in blender cycles in real time,but i cant seem
to enable this feature.and another question is, he has an option to enable his gpu instead of cpu which renders much faster. I dont seem to have that option in the render settings…Any suggestions?


Change CPU to GPU i fyou have supported hardware. Also check in the User Prefs panel to see what shows up whne enabling CUDA.

To see the realtime rendering preview, you need to enable the render draw mode on your 3d view header like you do when you choose wireframe or solid.

You can take some benefit from GPU if you have compatible one. Right now that’s limited to more or less fresh Nvidia cards only.
In User Preferences System tab - see if you have CUDA option available; if not - your pc doesn’t have hardware needed.

Ermm… i’m slow at typing…seems :wink:

Hey dudes!

All is good,my pc supports CUDA i activated it along with my nvidia card. only thing i have not figured out is the:
enable the render draw mode on your 3d view header

can you pls give me a screen shot of its location?

heres the enabled GPU.

here you go

Thanks 1000 for that Craig! :smiley:

Happy blending :slight_smile: that render preview makes all the difference, and materials are easier to tune in to where you want them