Cycles - render is darker than viewport, and colour management is turned on

So ye olde “turn color management on” didn’t seem to fix the difference between the viewport and F12 render, in GPU or CPU. turning color management off certainly makes both darker, but doesn’t fix the contrast difference. i’m a little confused, i can’t think of another setting that would cause this.

just having some fun with the Jake Rig.

Hi, try to switch to Static BVH in Performance panel.
Dynamic BVH renders slower but updates faster, F12 always use Static BVH.
But should not look so different, I try to ask brecht for it.
Cheers, mib.

i should have mentioned, i’m using rev 46360, built it myself from SVN.

egads, i don’t know why but it’s working properly now. i opened it in 2.62 official release and the render and viewport looked exactly the same - just like the viewport in 2.63. then i opened it up in 2.63 again, and now the render and viewport look like the original render did. seems something was up with the viewport in rendered mode? i’ll post again if i happen to replicate the error, which i hope i’m not able to.


never mind, it’s not fixed after all. still having issues, but now it’s the other way around! color management is still turned on, but now the VIEWPORT is darker than the render!

a screenshot of the issue and my render settings…

ahh i think i’ve figured it out. i’ve been scaling mesh emitters in object mode, and for some reason object scale seems to effect emission in F12 render but not viewport (?). is that intentional? i wonder if that’s always been the case. seemed like it behaved differently in older versions.

an other issue i noticed today is that AO is not rendered with GPU and therefore causes darker results in viewport and render view for me.