Cycles render layers - two layers, two individual light setups, question

Please help me out with this setup:

I am rendering one object on layer 1 with a complete lighting setup. Layer 2 holds another object on top of the first and has it’s on lighting on layer 2. These lights should only affect layer 2 and not cause reflections on layer 1. However, I have problems setting up the render layers. (I assume they are the way to go here)

I tried different setups, which all didn’t work. Either only layer 1 shows up, or both layers, but then layer 2 lights cause reflections on layer 1. I set up two render layers, one with scene 1 and layer 1 checked, and another render layer with scene 1 and layer 2 checked. Why is that wrong?

I’d be happy for a suggestion which tutorial to watch/read, that might answer my question, too.

Edit: I am using planes with an emitting material as lights, not lamps. I know, that there is a checkbox for “this layer only” when using lamps, but I need a physical plane to cast some defined reflections and still only affect one layer at a time.

I think you should set up two render layers. First should include layer 1 but exclude layer 2 (the option with excludion is in Blender 2.65, but I don’t know if it is in earlier versions), the second render layer should include layer 2 (if you want lights from layer 1 don’t affect objects in layer 2 you should also exclude layer 1). To combine those render layers you should check “Transparent” in “Film” settings, so the second layer will have transparent background and won’t overlap the first layer, and then in node editor mix them with mix node that has second render layer’s alpha connected to the “fac”.
It worked for me in a similar situation :wink:

Although I found my way through it by now, thank you for replying. That was the way I got it to work.