Cycles Render Layers

In 2.62’s cycles render, whenever I try to mix two separate render layers in the compositor one layer remains completely blank, and only the first is rendered with all the objects on the second layer shaded completely black, even when all the relevant layers are selected. However, when I click on the render button on the nodes with only the corresponding layer selected, it renders perfectly.
Why can’t I simply press f12 and have it render both layers separately like in the internal renderer? - Example .blend file.

Yeah i have same problem and i have to choose layers manualy and just click render Layer 1 then change to layer 2 and press render layer 2… and then mix it with Z depth… Any body know solution?

Ran into this the other week. Brecht stated that he was able to fix it, but the fix doesn’t seem to have translated to a good build. Reopened the bug:

At least it’s on the radar!

Yes… I’m not going crazy! been trying to figure out render layers for the last two hours… PLEASE someone, put together some step by steps on doing exactly what phaser is trying to do take 2 objects, render them separately via layers and composite it using 2.62 cycles. I’m using cuda

As above, harleynut. It simply doesn’t work (yet!). Brecht stated the first time around that he was able to fix it on his box; it just doesn’t look like it made it into a build…

Only a matter of time.

Yep… hopefully soon. In case anyone who is new to using render layer is interested, I found this new tutorial