Cycles Render Lighting Layers

Dear All

I, Have been looking for away to assign lighting to affect one layer and objects in that layer only, in the standard Blender Render this is possible by method of a tick box in the settings, but can not find this option in Cycles can any of you advise, as some times over lighting can distort the scene…

other problem i’m encountering is the illumination of of an area in a scene
I have made a neon lamp on a different layer, if i render the whole scene all is fine, but once i set up render layers the lighting effect of the Neon light does not affect the whole Scene, I want the Neon lamp on a diff layer so in compositor i can add glow effects to the lamp without affecting the Scene, but still maintain the lighting i have when Renderedon the same layer,

hopefully you can help me on these Two issue I’m having

thanks All

to control how a light works on one or several layers:

Blender render has this option that is no place to be found in Cycles is there away to over come this in Cycles

This option does not work, it moves the lamp to the very layer you want it to affect
this defeats the option of having lamps on different layers to add effects later

You need to “Exclude” lights you don’t want in the Render layers panel.