Cycles render passes combined in photoshop correctly!!!

Hi, i was watching cycles render passes tutorial in CG cookie

I tried to do it similar way in photoshop but can’t combine those passes to get the same picture that is rendered from blender.
I just wondering how do i combine this same render passes in photoshop?

You can download my Photoshop file and try it out yourself. :slight_smile:

Use 32 bit linear project in Photoshop. Default 8bit and 16bit projects operates in gamma corrected space and need more precision and thorough knowledge of all pieces of puzzle to get things to work correctly. Also, make sure you use right import color spaces for each element and right blending modes. Color gamut is not a problem (mostly it is sRGB/rec709 unless you do something really exciting) but wrong gamma (linear vs sRGB vs rec709 vs 2.2 vs whatever) can drive you nuts.

kesonmis: Thank you for very informative response. :slight_smile: