Cycles Render Settings Help

What are the best settings for rendering an image in Cycles Render ?

Which preset should we use and how much max bounces and all that stuff should be used so we get less noisy and clear image :confused:

Ideally, you must have Min=Max Bounces = INFINITY (or 50+, with respect to limited CPU precision). The reason you must decrease them only to save render time. At least keep Min bounces high enough to penetrate glass object, like 5+. There is very special option, Max Bounces = 0, with single and only light source you get absolutely noise free image in 1 sample, almost same as in BI, because only direct light contribution used.

There is no direct dependence of bounce number and noise except that special case. More bounces = more accurate colors, more time to render. Some scenes (almost white wall internals) produce more noise becouse secondary and more order reflection more noticeable. Other scenes with many dark surfaces have less noise.

so overall what u think should i use to make the image look best and less noisy irrespective of render time
currently i use default full global illumination preset with 800 passes and 128 max in everything

i set min and max to 4 bounces…
it was enought for indirect light…

for many transparent faces, you must set high values

The normal settings for GI animation are 2 diffuse bounces and 3 glossy bounces. A particular scene might need more glossy bounces to look right, and you may have to increase transparency bounces, but this should give you a good looking starting point for animation. Also, leave caustics turned off. They are ill-suited to a unidirectional path tracer, and 99% of people will never notice that they’re not there, especially when things are in motion.