Cycles Render Something missing?

Hi there,

Not too sure what section was to write this under. Iv had a look/search but have come up empty. I find this forum always helps me out if i have a problem but this one has really baffled me.

Iv been away from modelling for few months but previously I was using 2.64. I created a scene using from a blendercookie tut (the teddy elephant), with a few modifications. Upon moving to 2.65 i had not changed the file yet cycles will not render certain particles. Particles on some of the models render & some dont. Reopen in 2.64 and everything is fine.

If this has popped up before then maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Sorry if its simple too but im a bit of a rookie & its annoying me a little bit now :slight_smile:

Many thanks Tim