Cycles Render started showing black screen(file included)

Hello, I know things like that were already discussed on this forum, but I couldn’t find the answer to my problem in other discussions. I was working slowly on this small project for a long time, on and off, because every time something goes wrong. This time after changing some world settings to hdr image and changing things in animation timeline my file started to give me black screen during render. I know it’s not just lack of light source or camera because preview works fine as always. I would appreciate any kind of help, because at this point I don’t know how to continue with all those roadblocks (yeah, I’m a begginer).
I tried using both GPU and cpu as well as blender render. All boxes for render are checked, but I’m not so sure about RenderLayer box, because I never opened it and switching things there doesn’t seem to help either.

Well, nine out of ten times those “Cycles renders black/white/empty image” issues have the very same cause, which has been discussed quite extensively around here - and your case is no exception: You have a strip in the sequencer that overrides the rendering output.

As soon as Blender finds anything in the sequencer, it assumes you want to put together a bunch of video, audio or effects clips. Why would Blender do a render of the scene, then? Quite right, it doesn’t.

So, in order to fix this, either remove that strip from the sequencer or uncheck “Sequencer” in the Render > Post-Processing tab.


Okay, I bow before your wisdom master! You saved me from another depression episode, because no one else I know had any idea how to fix that. I did like you said and just unchecked that box.
Just want to say also what I didn’t find that solution in similar discussions, so hopefully this will help more people like me. Also, it’s the first time this happened, even tho I didn’t do anything new I haven’t done before with my test animations .
Again, thank you so much, hopefully one day I can be helpfull to people on this forum too)