Cycles render sticks on "Copying attributes to device"

I’m really struggling to get Blender to behave properly with my new PC build.

When GPU rendering, I have SLI disabled, I get stuck at this whether I use one or both GPUs quite often now saying “Copying attributes to device”. I’m doing scenes of 108 frames and would like to just walk away and leave the PC to render but it keeps doing this inbetween frames and never recovers so I have to Ctrl Alt Del, end the process and start again from where it last rendered. It’s really annoying me now and I can’t work it out.

Any ideas at all? I have tried all the latest builds etc too.

GTX 560Ti 2GB cards by the way!

Sounds like GPU RAM limitation, try to reduce polygon count and/ or texture images size. Try CPU mode (maybe with tiny like 64 pixel vieport) just to prove it is work at all.

I’ve had that and similar issues on recent buildbot build; trouble is I haven’t been able to consistently duplicate the issues. Using cpu.

Don’t have a nvidia and even if I did, the main scene wouldn’t fit on a 3gb card.

Thanks for replies but I would bet that it’s not RAM limitation as the scenes are quite basic. I know the Task Manager reading for RAM when CPU rendering isn’t 100% accurate but I’ve found it to be a good base and it only reads around 700MB with these scenes. Besides, if it was RAM limitation then I don’t think the render would start at all would it? I had that problem previously and had to squash large scenes down to fit on a different 2GB card to get the render to begin but I believe this to be something different.

I agree; I think there is a bug lurking somewhere, but I’ve not been able to consistently duplicate it.

Looking at code, copying to device trying to cope data between main RAM and onboard GPU RAM. Any chance you can use debugger to see where is stuck?

I don’t know what you mean mate by use debugger? Tell me what to do please and I’ll do it! :smiley:

Unfortunately, if you not understand, then there is no point to try, it is not easy even for people who have lot of experience. You must have some basic knowledge in programming and system internals, then make special build “Debug mode” Blender, then run it not usual way but under control of other prorgam called “debugger”. In turn, when you render stuck, you can see exact place in source code where Blender spend time, and even examine related data to get hint what go wrong and how to fix.