Cycles render : switch from CPU to GPU

I downloaded the latest version from for blender, but this doesnt seem to include this feature with switch in Cycles for CPU and GPU.
How do you activate this feature?
Or perhaps there is an official version of it to download??

Many thanks

Hey eniosan, It’s included in the latest release 2.61 from the main blender site - what you may be missing though to get the GPU option is either a suitable Nvidia Card with Cuda, or ir you have an Nvidia card your Nvidia driver could be out of date.

Thanks Jay!!, will download the latest version from the official site to see. Hopefully my card is recognized as well.

In the latest builds from graphicall the options were moved into the User Preferences > System. You can swithc from CPU, CUDA and OpenCL.
The build from the blender’s site has it in the Render options.

Hey Rick!
Thanks!, that was what I was looking for.