Cycles Render test - Chair _ Product Rendering

Hello, Another test - Product Rendering with Cycles.

_400 Passes

Thanks & Merry Christmas All!

Nice chair , but you need to work on the floor. It looks to flat and to glossy imo.
The wood of the chair looks rough , as furniture have very smooth aspect.
But pleasant to look at. :slight_smile:

Thanks ~ChrisX. I’ll promise to adjust it in my future projects. I’m still learning :).

Much appreciated.

Neat design! Love it

Render itself is a bit out of place, I dont really like the angle / fov from which its taken and like stated above floor looks kinda ugly :frowning:

Thanks ~jjjuho for your C&C. Will try to improve it in the future.

Much appreciated.

I don’t think you took a very functional viewing angle. from this point of view you get very little interesting information on the actual product (assuming the subject of this picture is supposed to the the chair as a whole). if you wanna show off your product, it’s probably better to look from it from the front, and slightly to the side, so you show off three sides (front, top, side). that way you give your viewer more interesting information about your chair. also, this angle puts a lot of focus on the background (perhaps a fov on the floor might change that? i have no idea :stuck_out_tongue: )

also, if you go for that perspective, you might wanna change the position of your light. you don’t want shadows to block out your viewer’s clear view on the chair.

Also, i’m not sure if i’m seeing this correctly, but the legs are connected to the wood with a little ring around it, right? you could make this connection clearer by making the rings slightly darker. It’s not very important, but it could help showing some minor details that could make the whole thing more interesting.

other than that, i absolutely love the textures on the wood and the pillow. they match up very nicely. it might be interesting to do some experimenting with other shades than white, and perhaps some color combinations, but as it is right now, i think they match up pretty great :slight_smile:

Now, on the design of the chair: i love it. it’s very calm because of it’s simpleness. also, due to the low-ness of it, and the tilted back support, it looks very comfortable :slight_smile:
it also doesn’t seem too difficult to manifacture, since it’s made from pretty few, and pretty simple pieces.
I do kinda wonder though how the pillow remains on the chair, instead of falling off. I suppose it could be attached out of sight.

all in all: some things to comment on (there’s always something :stuck_out_tongue: ), but a pretty cool thing :slight_smile:

ps. wow, that became a lot longer than i expected XD