Cycles Render: Texture Paint mode, any color palette history?

Hello, fellow Blender enthusiasts.

I have a question regarding the Texture Painting mode in Cycles Render.

Is there an add-on or a way to easily switch back to a color you recently chose?
Like a color palette history?
I rather not make multiple brushes to achieve something similar.

Thanks for reading.


Blender have a default Palette…You click New Button - Last in Brush Tap…Then Click the + sign In the Color Box…:slight_smile:

I Like this Addon…

Try search - Blender Texturepaint Addon’s…There are many out there…Puff Puff


Just saw when I check…No need to Download…Just Type paint In UserPreferences and select it…Remember to save UserPreferences
If You wan’t it to stay…Hb…:slight_smile: