Cycles render vertex painting faces.

I used vertex paint to make my models’ eyebrows, but also I heard that you can’t use vertex paint using cycles so I did the attribute node, Howerver, when I used it, the color of the skin itself disappeared and replaced by the colored eyebrow. Is there a way I keep both painted eyebrow and the skin color of my model? Here is some screenshots.
Original character color :

Painted eyebrows applied :

How can I keep both color?

One Option:

A Green cube with vertex paint over the top of the colour

Still doesn’t work :frowning:

Blend file ?

You didn’t set the mix factor to 1 as I showed

Mix factor in the color node? I tried but same result.

After setting mix fac. to 1.000

I cant seem to upload my file, It doesn’t show up in my uploaded files.

Upload to and tell us the download lonk

The problem is that the other vertexes are colored white and thei over lap your diffuse color… the quickest way to do it, is to grab the color you have in the diffuse bsdf and paint the vertex with this color. What i normally do is to use the vertex colors as a mask, so that i can change the colors just in the node editor. something like: black for eyebrows and white for skin in vertex colors, and then plug the attribute node to the factor of a RGBmix. you can take advantage also from the red, green and blue channels if you need to pass more information to the shader.