Cycles render with an image texture?

I’ve been playing with cycles, and I’m trying to add a texture to a material. I’ve seen it done… you add nodes for Texture coordinate, Image Texture, and something else but I can’t get it to work. Has anyone else had success with this?

My set up was

Texture coordicate (UV) -> Image Texture (then in the material section add your uv image (locate it)) ->Diffuse BSDF -> Material output (Surface)

Try this:

Thanks! actually this is great, now I know how to control the displacement! Cool!:smiley:

Thank you V1k1ngo! You da man.

uv images are not working with latest cycles

i did the same exact phases as described previously

Is this fixed yet? I keep seeing tutorials with an operational Cycles. Do they have a more updated build? I’ve never used a build outside of what the latest version was on

I’m kinda bummed since I really wanted to try Cycles, specifically for UVs. I’ve seen a few Youtube vids showing the bug…

they work excuisitely well now

Hi skoolbus, take a build from here:
These are official “nightly” builds from

Cheers, mib.

Hi all,

I thought I posted this last night, guess not.

I didn’t know that Cycles was unable to work with PNGs for UV Mapping (I used JPGs in place of them, and all was good). Any idea when this might change?


Hi folks!

I can’t figure out how to tell Cycles to not repeat textures but to clamp them (e.g. for a label on a bottle).
The “Mapping” node’s min and max switch works in the viewport but the texture is repeated again when rendering.


P.S.: Opened a new thread for this issue, as it’s a showstopper for me right now.

Skoolbus, all of these features work well in 2.62 standard. Why do you need to use nightly builds?