CYcles renderer problem

:frowning: whats going on? Both renders are wrong… u can see the little dots in both of them

specs :
cpu:AMD phenom II 1100t x6 @ 3.3 ghz
RAM: kingston 1600 mhz
GPU:AMD HD 6870 1gb by asus (latest 12.1 drivers version)
blender 2.61
windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Using Cycles expiremental GPU rendering : 01.38.96
Using Cycles expiremental CPU rendering : 05.10.88

You’re not letting it render long enough to come to a solution, that would be my guess. That’s the deal with a path tracer like this that continually refines the image. Cycles may be fast in some regards, and in others seem terribly slow. Not sure how many samples you are rendering to though since that information was not included in your post.