Cycles Rendering Black

I know this is a topic that has come up repeatedly given that I have been looking into this problem but I’m still pretty puzzled. I was modeling a project in Maya 2008 (I know, old, and I’m still a novice) and when I found out about Blender, I started cramming and learning about it. For future projects, I intend on doing the modeling in Blender, but in the mean time for this project which I already had been working on in Maya, I decided to export an .fbx file and convert it in fbxConverterUI to transfer into Blender.

For the most part, it imported fine. Before I applied the textures, I was able to see it render no problem. I then started applying the textures and doing some motion tracking. I still need to work on the textures and fine tune some of the modeling, but it worked. But then when I tried rendering it, I either would get all white or now all black. For a while, I was able to see the rendered preview version but now I can’t even see that.

Here is the .blend file. I would really appreciate a set of eyes on this.

Thank you so much.

You have lots of hidden, but renderable, objects. One of them is practically blocking you entire FOV.

By the way, even without the textures, this scene looks nice.

Thank you. I’ve a bit confused though given that the points in front of the FOV are tracking marks for a motion tracking and there aren’t any visible objects in the way. I uploaded an earlier and more complete version (I was trying to cut out the amount of BVH building) and this version, the render preview is working well while when I hit Render, it turns up black. It’s on the same link provided earlier.

You need to understand the icons in the outliner:
There is an “eye” symbol, which toggles the visibility in the viewport. And a “camera” symbol, which is for toggling the visibility in the (F12) render. Since those are separated, an object can be invisible in the 3D viewport and still show up in the final render and block your sight. Cycles’ rendered viewport is just a viewport, after all, and therefore follows the viewport visibility settings, not the ones for rendering.

That helped out. Thank you so much!